Monday, 21 August 2017

BJD meet up with friends

OK, it has been too long since my last post - and I am working on my post about The GazettE concert for over a year so ... I think I will post something from Japan sooner than I actually finish that post xD
But this one is about BJD.
And about meeting my fabulous friends - I will not write much about that because:
  • If I tried to do that I would never finish this post
  • It was just too interesting and crazy and fraked up to put into words
  • Someone would probably kill me xD
So, this post will be photo based one - and heavy photo spam xD
Be ready for that and excuse my mistakes - I am too tired to read this twice xD
 I will try to write name of a doll and its owner for every photo but please correct me if I am wrong :)

To see the photos continue to the post

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Valentines´ BJD meet up in Prague

Hi everyone!
I has been a while since my last post but I am very busy at the moment.
Got a new job and very low energy levels :D
But I have to post this post - finally!
On 13th of February, I was at my first BJD meet up with a doll!

And here are some photos.
Unfortunatelly , I do not remember all the names so I will be using just the ones I do remember.
Please, if you want the name of your doll just write to me and I will edit it in.
And now, enjoy ;)

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sleep over at Erizu´s

Hello everyone :)

Many things did happen. So many that I probably should make a whole post about it xD
But this one is just about BJDs and my (and Raphael´s) stay at my friend´s place while we were in Prague just before Christmas <3

So, be ready for photo overload.
And just, btw, I hope you had a very lovely Christmas and now are walking this new year in a good direction!

Raphael does not pay attention, Belial tries his luck and Meijun has a bitch face on xD

Thursday, 1 October 2015

When you just have no idea ... at all!

Ok, folks! :)

It has been few aeons since my last post.
I am very ashamed but I have warned you this would happen and it just did ... again xD
This time I am posting some photos (that will sometimes seem as a photostory).
These photos were taken form BJD´s kingdom monthly photo challenge with a theme No idea.

And we had ideas!!!

This post is photo-heavy, so you have been warned
Enjoy ^.^

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hello everyone!
I has been a while, I know. I am very bad when it comes to determination and sticking up with the plan.
I wish I coulf get better but it might be a terminal illness!

Anyways, loads of things did change.
Most of them stayed the same ... which is the most annoying thing ever!
But here comes the Sun ... I mean BJDkingdom´s monthly photo challenge!
This months´ topic was Addiction :)

I hope you will enjoy my photos and any comment would be nice! :)
Now, lets move!!!
At first you might be feeling that everything is in your hands and under control.
Life might seem like a good place to be and all worries seem so far away...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Korn and Slipknot PREPARE FOR HELL!!!

Hello everyone!
This Thursday one (well, two I assume xD) of my dreams did come truth!
I have seen two of my most favourite bands - live and hopefully alive xD
(I love so many bands but them and System of a down where there from the "beginning")

After I have found out they are about to play in Liverpool I could not resist and had to go!
Even if that meant alone but lucky enough my very own boss friend went with me.
It was a gift - from me to me - for my birthday and I could not be happier!
Or could I?

Friday, 16 January 2015

WIP - BJDs ryokan

Hello, everyone :)
As I already said before I have two BJD characters now - Kanrei and Raphael.
And just one body that is not Kanrei(s) fit at all - too tall, pinky and fantasy-like.
(but does it really burn your eyes? I need to know your opinion because althought I know it is not his match at all I can not help it and think that it is not that bad xD )

I do not know what I am gonna do when Raphael is back - he will demand his body back.
Rightfully! :D (but what will Kanrei think? :D)
But what I am gonna do when Kanrei gets his body? Where I am gonna put his bed? :D
These are tormenting questions of my life - alongside with the really important questions about actual life like the one that I need to get money for my trip to London ... for camera ... for Kanrei body ... for hair colour xD

But for now, some photos of their little kingdom :3
All comments will be handle with love xD

"Welcome to my home, peasants!"